Photographer of the Year

Each month we hold a club competition where members are encouraged to submit an image. All of the images are then annonymously scored by the members to find the winning shot. At the end of the year the photographer with the most points is crowned the Photographer Of The Year (POTY).

The aim of the competition is to get people to take photographs out of their comfort zone and try something new. So although its great to be the winner, members also benefit from finding out what, when, where and how the photograph was created.

Made from Wood
A Tree
Black & White
Sunrise or Sunset
Anything Goes
Straight from the Camera
A Flower or Flowers
Creative Portrait
Allen G1162018182010181144140
Ken B101018121214161216106136
Steve P121421420281601812118
Kevin N1818102066208180115
Joyce B201640161814101610115
Phil M16486281412121220114
Graham G8124181014182018104
Tim R61128181846101488
Mike B410101412120140278
Garry G111211141221642
Dave W020016112000040
Rhoma B06001006286038
Tony C12160140110834
Wayne B2800400160021
Mark P00000000200020
Adrian H14000000000014
Chris B00140000000014
Mike H000000000617
Simon B000000004004
Dave L000000000000
Eugene E000000000000
Chirpa S000000000000
Mark L000000000000
Robin C000000000000
Tony A000000000000